Jose Lane and Drerawka are Flight89.  Join them weekly as they discuss idiotic topics that don't mean a thing and facts don't matter. 


Jose lane

Jose lives in Salt Lake City, but his heart is on a coast line.  He has lived in both California and Miami and love the ocean.  He is a World Taekwondo Federation Certified Black Belt.  He also studies Hapkido and Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  Now he is a student at Full Sail University for Marketing. A decorated photographer & Videographer. 


dre "the numba one chief" rawka

Andre lives in Salt Lake City, Utah by way of Portland, Oregon.  Andre doesn't like Bios and only gives one because its expected.  He loves Vlogging, DJIng, Weight Down Credit Up is life and is an advocate for Facts Don't Matter.